November 9, 2016: StarFM Radio presents Motörhead Tribute Konzert: “LONG LIVE LEMMY” at White Trash Ballroom in Berlin on Dec. 3rd 2016


There will be a one off HeadCat show in Berlin Dec 3, 2016 at the White Trash Fast Food. 

Headcat members Danny B. Harvey & Slim Jim Phantom, along with Nina C. Alice & Jim Voxx from Skew Siskin, longtime friends and colleges of Lemmy Kilmister, will join them onstage to play a full Headcat set in tribute to our mutual friend Lemmy from Motörhead.


"I am honored and will have to fill in Lemmy's (white) boots" Nina says. "The fact that Danny and Slim Jim fly oversea to perform a HEADCAT Show with Jim (Voxx) and me, but without Lemmy, makes me wanna ask Lemmy: You think I can do it, ...take your part? His answer would possibly be: of course Nina, you have to, I am not available! Show them how to rock'n'roll until they can't stand it anymore !"


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StarFM Motörhead Tribute Konzert: “LONG LIVE LEMMY” - StarFM Facebook - StarFM Event


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Skew Siskin Facebook

January 15, 2016: Lemmy Kilmister Memorial Service at Forest Lawn, L.A. USA in Jan 9, 2016

For all the great fans who asked, here is the video of Lemmy's service for all to see. Thank you.

More about Lemmy & Motorhead:

Official Motörhead Web

Official Motörhead Twitter :@myMotorhead




Skew Siskin wishes to thank Todd Singerman and everyone involved, for making the Lemmy Memorial Service happen with such wonderful grace, caring organisation, for having us out there and up the platform for an eulogy & last goodbyes to our beloved friend Lemmy Kilmister and for taking care of us ! You're special to us mate!


Many thanks especially also to all our friends and fans for all your caring messages!




January 7, 2016: R.I.P. Lemmy Kilmister, Motorhead forever !

Skew Siskin about LEMMY KILMISTER:


We are extremely sad that we have lost one of our best friends, a man who took us out on the road so many times, who came down to our studio and recorded music and lyrics with us. Jim and I, Nina, knew him 23 years. Half my life he was someone you can call, talk serious and nonsense, talk politic or just music, chat about books, history, or simply taking a walk in some cities or take him out for sightseeing in Berlin Germany, which he always enjoyed so much. 


We are glad, proud and honoured that we had so many chances to work with him and shared dirty jokes here and there and spent great times together. He was an outstanding person ! 


We have recorded many songs with him, many lyrics been written and faxed and emailed between him and me, we shared the same view on many many things and it goes without explanation that I feel honoured to have experienced the most respect from him towards me and my female singers world. 


Our hearts are with his family, friends and his fans, to everyone who was involved making the shows of Motorhead happen day and night, the manager of Motorhead Todd Singerman and everyone who just loved and keep loving Motorhead and Lemmy. 

Our condolence and love, forever yours.


Nina C. Alice & Skew Siskin


Announcement of Official Motorhead:



On SATURDAY JANUARY 9th, the world will come together and celebrate the life of our friend, and legend, Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister.

Family and close friends will observe a service at Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery, Hollywood, commencing at 3pm PST and ending at 4.30pm. With such limited space available on-site, we respectfully ask that you don’t attend the cemetery… but we want you ALL to be a part of this, so we are setting up a live feed of the service via the internet on Motörhead’s official You Tube channel:


So wherever you are, PLEASE get together and watch the service with fellow Motörheadbangers and friends. GO to your favorite bar, or your favorite club, make sure they have access to an internet connection and toast along with us. Or simply invite your pals around and celebrate Lemm’s life at home.Whatever your venue, and however you can, let’s be sure to gather globally on Saturday 9th and celebrate the life of our dear friend and irreplaceable icon.

NOTE: For anyone wishing to send flowers, please contact Karen Brando at Flowers by Michael (310) 276-1003

If you’d like to make a charitable donation under Lemmy’s name, please go to:
Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund


Skew Siskin wants to say thanks to Lemmy,

our dear friend who has passed away 

28th, Dec. 2015





Please visit the webpage:

Official Motorhead

Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister

1945 -2015

Born to lose, lived to win

By Steffan Chirazi





Lemmy Kilmister & Nina C. Alice



In memories:

Riding with the Devil - featuring Lemmy Kilmister

who kindly played the devil in this clip 

and has co-written lyrics to the song 




August 4, 2014: SKEW SISKIN LIVE  - European Tour with MOTORHEAD

SKEW SISKIN Special Guests on Tour with MOTÖRHEAD

November 2014



Motörhead webpage



for more details: see Tour Dates

August 4, 2014: SKEW SISKIN LIVE  - in Munich "Garage DeLuxe" 

SKEW SISKIN  headlines GARAGE DELUXE in Munich

12. September 2014



Garage deluxe webpage


GARAGE deluxe
Friedenstr. 10
81671 München



for more details: see Tour Dates

August 4, 2014: SKEW SISKIN LIVE  - FESTIVAL "Umsonst & Draussen"  


13. Sept. 2014 



Facebook Festival webpage




for more details: see Tour Dates

 April 22, 2014: SKEW SISKIN LIVE in Berlin (Germany)

SKEW SISKIN LIVE:  1. Mai 2014



My Fest 36

Rockbühne am O-Platz (19)
Ort: Oranienplatz/Legiendamm

10999 Berlin


Tickets: Free

February 24, 2014: SKEW SISKIN LIVE in Hamburg (Germany) !

SKEW SISKIN LIVE:  10. Mai 2014



Rock Café - St. Pauli

Silbersackstraße 27
20359 Hamburg



February 23, 2014: SKEW SISKIN on AIR with the sickest Radio Station on earth: MALICE COOPER

... coming up next month ... 

24. March 2014 on AIR !

Skew Siskin on the sickest radio show on earth out of the USA ..!! 

How perfect is that !! Especially for Nina C. Alice sending you the right dose of Rock'n'Roll !

A few days before the show we will give you the direct link. 

Don't miss this one!

February 22, 2014: SKEW SISKIN says THANK YOU with EL DIABLO !

It's about time to say a big thank you for all this fantastic action you're doing to connect us to the clubs in your cities. Therefore we've created this video for you.

Skew Siskin bows and pulls the hat in front of you.

We have never released this song and we hope you enjoy the tune. We've included some pictures with some guests we've made music with, like Ivan Kraal (Patti Smith / Iggy Pop) and Wayne Kramer of the mighty MC5 rehearsing with Jim Voxx, Skew Siskin with Alice Cooper on tour and Lemmy working with us in the studio.

Cheers, Skew Siskin.


To our fans and friends in the USA and Canada !!!

To our fans and friends in the USA and Canada:

Since quite a while you guys are buying Skew Siskin cd's on a s-t-e-a-d-y d-a-i-l-y b-a-s-e !! Wow !! Awesome !! Amazing !! 

We wanna let you know that Skew Siskin IS seriously looking for the best way to play some Rock'n'Roll shows for you like we're doing it in the same way here in Europe. We prefer to find a support slot together with one of the great bands you have in the USA / Canada. We like to point this out again. 

Skew Siskin says a big thank you to you all !!

Please, keep telling about Skew Siskin to all your Rock'n'Roll brothers in mind.

Cheers and Rock'n'Roll forever !!
February 9, 2014: SKEW SISKIN Live Show in München / Munich (Germany) !

SKEW SISKIN LIVE:  23. Mai 2014



Garage deluxe

Friedenstraße 10

81671 München





February 8, 2014: SKEW SISKIN Live Show in Nürnberg/Nuremberg (Germany) !

SKEW SISKIN LIVE:  22. Mai / May 2014



Rockfabrik Nürnberg

Klingenhofstraße 56

90411 Nürnberg







see tour dates

January 30, 2014: SKEW SISKIN Live Show in Verviers (Belgium) !

SKEW SISKIN LIVE:  12. April 2014



The Spirit of 66

Place du Martyr
16 B4800 Verviers






see tour dates

January 24th, 2014: SKEW SISKIN Live Show in Berlin (Germany) !

SKEW SISKIN LIVE:  21. März 2014



White Trash Fast Food


Schönhauser Allee 6-7

10119 Berlin



Tickets: Abendkasse / Box Office



see tour dates

January 24th, 2014

Tournee für Februar - März 2014 mit Motörhead / Saxon / Skew Siskin ist abgesagt


...viele von euch haben es schon gelesen: die Tournee für Feb/März 2014 ist abgesagt, Lemmy's Ärzte haben geraten, diese Tour jetzt noch nicht zu machen, obgleich einerseits seine Gesundung gute Fortschritte macht, aber andererseits es eben nicht so schnell geht, wie jeder es erhoffte.


So wie ich ihn mein halbes Leben lang kenne, kann ich versichern: es ist das Allerhärteste für ihn eine Tour abzusagen. Das war KEINE leichte Entscheidung !


Ich muss zugeben: Meine Sorgen waren stärker als die Aussicht auf eine tolle Tour.

Zur Erinnerung: Er hat erst vor einem knappen Jahr den Defillibrator eingesetzt bekommen, zuzüglich der Schwierigkeiten mit der Diabetes (Typ 2). Diese Kombination war schon immer keine Gute, vor allem in seinem Alter von 68. Und er ist immer noch stärker als viele der anderen 68 Jahre jungen Menschen. Trotzdem ist er nach wie vor ein Phänomen.


Natürlich ist es traurig jetzt nicht auf Tour zu gehen, besonders mit so einem großartigen Line-Up.

Gesundheit geht vor, immer!

Und wir alle wünschen Lemmy nur das Allerbeste !!!!!

Love, Nina 
Tour Febraury-March 2014 with Motörhead / Saxon / Skew Siskin cancelled
...many of you have already learned that the tour is cancelled, that Lemmy's doctors have adviced him to not tour that soon, that he's making good progress in recovery on one side, but on the other, it is not going as fast as everyone was hoping.

Knowing him for half my life, I reassure it is absolutely the hardest for him to cancel a tour. This was NOT an easy decision !

I have to confess: my worries have been stronger than the perspective of a great tour. Remember: he's had the defillibrator put in only last year, plus long-time trouble with diabetes (type 2).
This is always a bad combination especially at age 68. And he's still stronger than many of other 68 year young men! Still, he's a phenomena.

Of course it's sad to not go on tour now, especially with such a great line-up.

BUT: health comes first, always !

And so we all wish Lemmy the very best !!!!

Love, Nina
January 18th, 2014 "RIDING WITH THE DEVIL" now on YouTube ! 


The new Video 'Riding With The Devil

(of the album 'Peace Breaker') now on YouTube !



Das neue Video 'Riding With The Devil

(von dem Album 'Peace Breaker') jetzt auf YouTube !


January 8th, 2014  --  Re-releases of our back catalog / 

8. Januar 2014 -- Wiederveröffentlichung unseres Back Kataloges




Our Cd's are available now


Unsere CD's sind jetzt auf folgenden Seiten erhältlich











































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