August 4, 2014: SKEW SISKIN LIVE  - in Munich "Garage DeLuxe" 
August 4, 2014: SKEW SISKIN LIVE  - FESTIVAL "Umsonst & Draussen"  
August 4, 2014: SKEW SISKIN LIVE  - European Tour with MOTORHEAD 
 April 22, 2014: SKEW SISKIN LIVE in Berlin (Germany)
February 24, 2014: SKEW SISKIN LIVE in Hamburg (Germany) !
February 23, 2014: SKEW SISKIN on AIR with the sickest Radio Station on earth: MALICE COOPER
... coming up next month ... 

24. March 2014 on AIR !

Skew Siskin on the sickest radio show on earth out of the USA ..!! 

How perfect is that !! Especially for Nina C. Alice sending you the right dose of Rock'n'Roll !

A few days before the show we will give you the direct link. 

Don't miss this one!

February 22, 2014: SKEW SISKIN says THANK YOU with EL DIABLO !

It's about time to say a big thank you for all this fantastic action you're doing to connect us to the clubs in your cities. Therefore we've created this video for you.

Skew Siskin bows and pulls the hat in front of you.

We have never released this song and we hope you enjoy the tune. We've included some pictures with some guests we've made music with, like Ivan Kraal (Patti Smith / Iggy Pop) and Wayne Kramer of the mighty MC5 rehearsing with Jim Voxx, Skew Siskin with Alice Cooper on tour and Lemmy working with us in the studio.

Cheers, Skew Siskin.


To our fans and friends in the USA and Canada !!!

To our fans and friends in the USA and Canada:

Since quite a while you guys are buying Skew Siskin cd's on a s-t-e-a-d-y d-a-i-l-y b-a-s-e !! Wow !! Awesome !! Amazing !! 

We wanna let you know that Skew Siskin IS seriously looking for the best way to play some Rock'n'Roll shows for you like we're doing it in the same way here in Europe. We prefer to find a support slot together with one of the great bands you have in the USA / Canada. We like to point this out again. 

Skew Siskin says a big thank you to you all !!

Please, keep telling about Skew Siskin to all your Rock'n'Roll brothers in mind.

Cheers and Rock'n'Roll forever !!
February 9, 2014: SKEW SISKIN Live Show in München / Munich (Germany) !
February 8, 2014: SKEW SISKIN Live Show in Nürnberg/Nuremberg (Germany) !
January 30, 2014: SKEW SISKIN Live Show in Verviers (Belgium) !

January 24th, 2014: SKEW SISKIN Live Show in Berlin (Germany) !

January 24th, 2014: Tour in February/March 2014 Cancelled  

                                     Tournee für Februar / März 2014 Abgesagt 


Tournee für Februar 2014 -März mit Motörhead / Saxon / Skew Siskin abgesagt

Motörhead müssen Tournee absagen! 

....viele von euch haben es schon gelesen: die Tournee für Feb/März 2014 ist abgesagt, Lemmy's Ärzte haben geraten, diese Tour jetzt noch nicht zu machen .... mehr lesen


Tour Febraury-March 2014 with Motoread / Saxon / Skew Siskin cancelled

Motorhead have to cancel the tour ! 

...many of you have already learned that the tour is cancelled, that Lemmy's doctors have adviced him to not tour that soon... read more


January 18th, 2014 "RIDING WITH THE DEVIL" now on YouTube ! 



January 10th, 2014  SKEW SISKIN Video Premiere 'RIDNG WITH THE DEVIL' on

Exclusive for one week: 

ROCK presents the new SKEW SISKIN video 'RIDING WITH THE DEVIL'... read more


January 8th, 2014  --  Re-releases of our back catalog / 

8. Januar 2014 -- Wiederveröffentlichung unseres Back Kataloges




Our Cd's are available now


Unsere CD's sind jetzt auf folgenden Seiten erhältlich... read more













































































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